5 of the Sweetest Moments at Sweetlife Festival 2013

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Each year, the HONEST Tea-m has the privilege of joining our friends at Sweetgreen for a 1-day festival celebrating great music and local food, including Honest refreshment. While everyone came away with unique stories and experiences, here are the  5 sweetest moments we experienced at the event this year:


1.  The Food

Sweelife Festival is a farm-to-table food destination.  This was no run-of-the-mill concert concession stand; the festival brought together some of the best chefs and restaurants in the region.  Craving lobster rolls?  Pork sliders?  Korean tacos?  We ate with abandon and then ate some more.  A few of the great local D.C. favorites at the festival included Pepe, DGS Delicatessen, and Kushi.  One of our favorites came from the organizers themselves—Sweetgreen’s Earth Bowl uses organic ingredients sourced from local farmers and mixes warm grains + arugula, roasted chicken, white cheddar, grape tomatoes, raw corn, spicy broccoli and pesto vinaigrette (and it happens to pair perfectly with Honey Green Tea!).


2.  Mustaches

Who doesn’t love detachable mustaches? Folically challenged or not, our Tea-m  offered Sweelife festival-goers the pleasure of sporting a green ‘stache for the day for a little photo fun. Throughout the day, people shared their creative poses on Instagram with the hashtag #honestache.  Our Instagram page quickly became a beautiful mural of green facial hair with over 80 people sharing their best looks—check it out and share a mustache photo of your own!


3.  The Venue

There is nothing better than sitting back on the grass hill on a sunny day and enjoying tunes from one of your favorite bands while sipping on a Honey Green Tea.  On this day though, right as the Yeah yeah Yeah’s were kicking into high gear, the heavens opened up and released liquid fury for 45 minutes—yes our sunny Saturday quickly turned to rain, but hey, we can’t complain, Merriwether became the world’s greatest mudslide.  Do you have a fond memory of a past spring day outdoors? Share with us in the comment section below!


4.  The Good Vibes

We know a lot of concerts have good vibes, but there’s something about the Sweetlife Festival that is overwhelmingly positive.  Words are inspiring and at Honest Tea we realize a simple positive word can go a long way. Our Tea-m was in attendance with the #honestcompliment booth, our way of keeping the high spirits and good energy flowing.  Picture a typical lemonade stand, but instead of sugary drinks we served up refreshing, personalized compliments, free of charge.  The line stretched to 30 deep at times, with people sometimes waiting 15-20 minutes to receive their personalized compliments, and then sharing the love with someone else at the festival or a friend on Twitter by using #honestcompliment.  We’ve found that giving an #honestcompliment is contagious–if you haven’t already said something nice to someone today, we encourage you to give it a try!


5.  The Music

All three stages at Sweetlife had great music options.  Since the festival’s inception four years ago, it has developed the reputation of attracting cutting-edge musical acts–both well-known and emerging names. Whether you’re into hip-hop, indie rock, R&B, or electronica, Sweetlife has something for music lovers of all backgrounds.  This year, Phoenix wowed the crowds performing cuts from the band’s newly released album as well as classics such as “Lisztomania” and “1901.” Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs filled the stage with her incredible presence and even jumped off stage to invite fans to sing along with her on the same microphone.  Our Honest Tea staff picks for favorite performance included Passion Pit, Robert DeLong, Youth Lagoon, Gary Clark Jr., Solange and Foxygen.  Go ahead and pick up any of these artists’ latest albums–you won’t be disappointed!


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