Santa Monica Gets Their “Recycle On”

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Did you know less than 35% of beverage containers are recycled in America?  From Boston to Seattle and everywhere in between, our oversized recycling bin has been touring the country as part of a national movement of boosting recycling rates, called the Great Recycle.   Last week our giant 30 foot bin traveled to the Santa Monica Pier near Los Angeles, California, to inspire Californians to renew their commitment to recycling every bottle.   We invited locals, community organizations and companies alike to bring their empty bottles to recycle in our larger-than-life 30 foot high recycling bin, and redeem cool swag from the HONEST Recycle Store such as signed sports gear, GoPro cameras, iPad Minis, bicycles, yoga mats, snacks and more.  Hundreds of people participated, showing an overwhelming amount of community support around recycling.  We’re excited to have collected over 150,000 beverage containers since our tour began! ImageFollow the #greatrecycle buzz on Twitter to find out where we’re headed next!


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