Fun Facts from the Thanksgiving Table

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Chances are you’re making plans to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with friends or family and looking forward to enjoying all the foods and flavors this season brings.  Here are a handful of fun facts* about Thanksgiving you probably didn’t know, (feel free to pull this out at the table if the dinner conversation gets awkward).

115 Million—the number of households across the nation expected to gather and enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner together.

4—the number of places in the United States named after your traditional holiday main course—Turkey.  (Turkey Creek , LA—population 440; Turkey, TX—pop  424; Turkey, N.C.—pop 295; and Turkey Creek, AZ—pop 294). All major travel destinations, as you can see.

768 Million—the total weight (lbs.) of cranberries forecasted to be served in the United States.  Wisconsin is estimated to lead all states in the production of cranberries, with 450 million pounds, followed by Massachusetts.  Runner(s) up: New Jersey, Washington and Oregon.  Pat yourselves on the back.

2.6 Billion—the total weight (lbs.) of sweet potatoes expected to be consumed in the US this year.  Are you sure that’s not just for one household?

1.1 Billion—the total weight (lbs.) of pumpkins grown for fall harvest (and of course, pumpkin pie!) More of a cherry pie fan? An estimated 73.1 million pounds of tart cherries were grown last year.

PS Have a few empty bottles of HONEST Tea lying around? Not a problem—reuse it and impress your guests with these two simple steps:

Inspire your guests with a quote before dinner.  Carefully peel off the inside of your label of your favorite HONEST Tea bottle and use it to wrap your silverware and napkin—creative and simple!

ImageYour empty bottles make fun table vases to show off your favorite fall flowers! We placed one at each end of our table, filled with beautiful fall mums.


Amidst the turkey and conversation, hopefully you can find a moment to reflect on the past year and be reminded of what you are thankful for this season.  Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.



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