Coupon Offer: Heavenly Lemon Tulsi

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In need of refreshment of body and mind?  Meet Heavenly Lemon Tulsi.  Tulsi is a delicious herb, well-known throughout India and Southeast Asia.  Unlike green, white, black, and oolong teas which come from the traditional camellia sinensis plant, tulsi is part of the basil family and naturally caffeine-free.  Also called “holy basil,” it is very different from the Italian basil you can grow in your own garden.  With hints of mint and clove, it is used both as a delicious tisane as well as in traditional Hindu ceremonies.  Tulsi is believed to help promote relaxation, in addition to being deeply delicious.  We believe you’ll love this unique brew so much, it will have you saying ‘Ahhh,’ ‘Ommm’ and ‘Mmmm’ – all at the same time.  Pick up a bottle at your local natural grocer, or try freshly-brewed at any participating Smashburger location.  Exclusive offer:  download your digital coupon for $1.50 off of two bottles of Heavenly Lemon Tulsi HERE!


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