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Honest Compliments

Compliments are powerful—they motivate us and make us smile, and reinforce what is good in the world. Over the past year, we’ve been giving out compliments at events from the Atlantic to the Pacific, encouraging people to pay it forward by sharing a simple, encouraging word with someone they appreciate.

Did you know January 24th was National Compliment Day? It’s one of those days in the year that doesn’t particularly get much attention, but it does present an opportunity to make the world a better place. In the spirit of the occasion, we took a step and sent out hundreds of honest compliments via Twitter to fans, celebrities, bloggers, game show hosts, you name it.  The results were astounding, over 3,600 people shared an honest compliment, and the hashtag #honestcompliment was the 5th most popular trending topic on Twitter! Research says 68% of Americans would be more inclined to give a compliment if they received one first.  So what are you waiting for?

National Compliment Day may be over, but the movement lives on.  Share an #honestcompliment on Twitter with someone you appreciate today, and pay it forward. That simple. You never know how far it will go, and feel good about yourself, knowing you could make someone’s day.


One thought on “Join the #honestcompliment Movement

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