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15 Ways Mom is a Rockstar

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Being a mom can a beautiful thing.  But, it’s not always glamorous work.  There’s a lot we can admire from a mother’s self-sacrifice, genuine care, and effort.   So whether you’re a new mom looking for renewed inspiration, or remembering a mom who made an impact in your life, here are 15 honest reasons be thankful for her this month—from all of us at HONEST Tea:

  1. For cleaning the living room walls (again) after your finger-painting activity became a live art installation.
  2. That one time when your sister thought she was an expert hair stylist and cut off one of your pigtails.
  3. When you thought you could hide your vegetables in your nostrils so Mom wouldn’t find them.
  4. For that leisurely trip to the emergency room to fix said vegetable incident.
  5. Those days you cried because she insisted you put on sunscreen.
  6. That day you cried because you found out what happens when you don’t wear sunscreen.
  7. When it was 25 degrees outside and you refused to wear a coat…she packed one anyway.
  8. When you thought she was crazy for not letting you throw rocks at the hornet’s nest in the backyard.
  9. That one Halloween where you ate your entire bag of candy in one night, and Mom spent the rest of the evening consoling you.
  10. For publically wearing that birthday present you made her consisting of a yarn necklace with pasta shells…more than once.
  11. The first family road trip that ended shortly after you decided it was perfect timing to spread the stomach flu.
  12. When you helped her make cookies and she let you believe you were actually helping, while really you dumped a sack of flour on the kitchen floor.
  13. That first drive after getting your learner’s permit where you left your personal “mark” (more like a major gash) on her bumper in the grocery store parking lot.
  14. That one time you stayed up way passed curfew and she waited up at home, just to make sure you were safe—and then grounded you.
  15. The time you admitted she was actually right, after all these years—maybe once or twice.

Feeling thankful for a mom in your life? Don’t let the opportunity pass—send her an #honestcompliment and make her day!  It takes less than a minute, and all you need is a Twitter account and a word of encouragement.  After all she’s done for you, it’s one small way to let her know how much you care.  So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, send her one now.  Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May 11th!


5 Reasons to Love Fair Trade Sugar

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Sometimes it’s just nice to know where your food comes from, and that the people involved are treated fairly and paid a fair wage.

Our enthusiasm for Fair Trade Certified™ tea leaves and herbs goes back to 2003, when we made Peach Oo-La-Long the first Fair Trade Certified bottled tea, and now all of our teas are fair trade. We’re thrilled to incorporate organic, fair trade cane sugar into our new line of Summer Refreshers, available at Whole Foods Market.
To learn more about the source of our fair trade sugar, our co-founder and TeaEO Seth recently traveled to Paraguay to meet farmers who grow organic and fair trade sugar cane. Check out a short video from his trip below; but first, here are 5 reasons we love organic, Fair Trade certified sugar and hope you do too.

1. The cane sugar we source in our Summer Refresher Beverages is both USDA organic and Fair Trade Certified. The fair trade means that when you purchase a lemonade, limeade or Half & Half Lemonade at Whole Foods Market, you are helping fund development projects in communities where fair trade sugar cane is grown. These programs include renovating local schools, increasing access to healthcare or boosting wages.

2. Most sugar farms in Paraguay are small and family-owned. As a result, sugar cane must be processed offsite and within 24 hours of harvesting. Thanks to fair trade premiums, farmers have purchased new equipment which facilitates the ease of transport and boosts overall quality. It has also united farmers, helping them negotiate prices and reach out to more buyers.

3. The C.O.R.A. co-operative we purchase sugar cane from chooses to “green cut” the sugar cane; the stalks are cut by hand, without spraying or burning. The leaves and tops of the sugar cane are left in the field as a nutrient source for soil as well as natural weed control.

4. To control pests, the farmers use natural techniques such as breeding tiny wasps to sting crop-damaging cane worms. The wasps kill the worms by planting their larvae in the worms.

5. Leftover cane (called bagasse) is used to fuel generators that power the mills and surrounding villages.

We hope that when you see “Fair Trade” on the label, you’ll understand there is a closer connection to the components of ecosystem and to the final product. Now that is a just a tad sweet story indeed!

Introducing Summer Refreshers!

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Summer is almost here!  To celebrate, we’ve brewed up a few new lemonades, a limeade, and a Half & Half that will keep you cool when the sun is hot.  A lot of sunshine, a squeeze of citrus, and a touch of organic Fair Trade Certified™ sugar went into each of these new flavors. Try pairing them with a family BBQ, during playtime at the park, or after an exhilarating ride on the trail. Our NEW line of organic Summer Refreshers are available in 32 oz. glass containers in five varieties:

  • Original Lemonade: A classic lemonade made the ‘Honest’ way
  • Mango Lemonade: Our tropical take on lemonade using mango puree
  • Berry Hibiscus Lemonade: Sweet & tart lemonade with yumberry, raspberry & brewed hibiscus
  • Mint Limeade: A mix of tart limes, sugar, and refreshing spearmint flavor
  • Half & Half Lemonade & Tea: A more traditional combination of lemonade & black tea

At 70 calories per 8 oz serving, they’ll be available in 32 oz glass bottles exclusively at Whole Foods Market locations throughout the summer.  Grab a chilled bottle and head outside with friends and family—we’ll keep you refreshed!