Join the #icedteamonth Twitter Party!

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Don’t you love June? The beginning of summer finally arrives–ushered in by longer days, picnics outdoors, and plenty of opportunities to fire up the grill. But that’s not all to love, did you know June is also National Iced Tea Month? In celebration of the unofficial best month of the year, join us June 24th for an #icedteamonth Party on Twitter! We’ll be talking perfect summer recipe pairings: from picnic lunches, to grilling to dessert! At the end of the hour you’ll not only be an iced tea expert but walk away with a few new recipes and ideas to explore this summer. We’re excited to be joined by a few of our friends: Applegate, King Arthur Flour, Earthbound Farms, and Annie’s Homegrown, providing their own pairing #protips and delicious giveaways throughout the hour, you won’t want to miss–see you on Twitter!

Who: You, Honest Tea, Applegate, King Arthur Flour, Annie’s Homegrown, Earthbound Farm.

When: Tuesday, June 24th 2014 1pm-2pm EST

Where: the Twittersphere—simply follow the hashtag #icedteamonth to join in!


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